About Us

4045 Media democratizes mobile advertising.


Getting started as a mobile advertiser is a daunting task. High monthly spend minimums, convoluted adtech jargon, and technical resourcing  make it tough for marketers to dip their toes into the expanses of mobile advertising. 

4045 Media breaks down the barriers of entry and allows anyone to easily start running mobile advertising campaigns. No skills or spend minimums are required. All clients receive 24/7 enterprise-level client servicing. 



Open Positions

If interested in a position, please email your resume to

Frontend Engineer

We are looking for a Frontend Engineer with strong experience both in design and programming. Responsibilities include turning wireframes to code, integrating APIs, and helping with web development. Ideal candidate will provide a proactive role on how the 4045 Media platform will both look and operate. 

Location: New York, NY or Erie, PA


  • Proficient understanding of web markup, including HTML5, CSS3
  • Basic understanding of server-side CSS pre-processing platforms, such as LESS and SASS
  • Proficient understanding of client-side scripting and JavaScript frameworks, including jQuery
  • Knowledge of SEO and how to optimize around it
  • Familiarity with Adobe Photoshop
  • Adtech experience

Creative/UX Designer

Design plays an important part to 4045 Media's product. We need someone to pioneer and build out our Design team. The Creative/UX Designer needs strong creative, analytical, and technical skills. The role helps across a variety of functions that include: ad design/creation, website layout, A/B testing, and platform UI/UX design.

Location: New York, NY or Erie, PA


  • Portfolio of previous work demonstrating strong design/UX skills
  • Experience designing desktop, mobile, and video advertisements
  • Familiarity with wireframing tools
  • Basic HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript skills are a plus.


What is 4045 Media?

4045 Media is a no-frills ad technology platform where marketers can start running sophisticated, data-driven mobile ad campaigns in under 15 minutes. The platform allows marketers to optimize towards ad views, clicks, and conversions, all while leveraging large data sets to best target prospective audiences. During and after ad campaigns, marketers can easily visualize data and reporting in order to optimize subsequent performance.

How does 4045 Media work?

4045 Media uses programmatic advertising technology to automatically transact and target ads. On the backend, 4045 Media plugs into various ad exchanges and submits real-time bids on ad-supported app publishers. Each ad impression takes user and targeting into account when algorithmically generating a bid. 4045 Media allows marketers to influence how they’re bidding in order to win over their ideal audience.


4045 Media does not require adtech or technical knowledge to start running ad campaigns. The technology is presented in a simple user interface that automatically guides the marketer towards inputting best practices.

Where does 4045 Media serve my ads?

4045 Media serves ads on over 50,000 apps in almost every country. Marketers have the ability to whitelist and blacklist app publishers.

How is 4045 Media priced?

4045 Media takes a revenue share of all media spend. Please reach out to for more information.

What ad formats does 4045 Media support?

All mobile, in-app sizes are supported: 320x480, 480x320, 320x50, 300x250, 728x90, 768x1024, 1024x768, native, and video. 4045 Media supports static and rich media formats. Additionally, if advertisers use a separate ad server, 4045 Media supports rotating JavaScript tags.

What targeting does 4045 Media offer?

4045 Media’s targeting is all on a user level. All campaigns algorithmically optimize towards apps with high click and conversion rates, however, marketers can also ensure they target to the right users. Specifically, 4045 Media can target geos (to within 100 feet of a GPS coordinate), age, gender, household income, times of day, and many other interests.


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