Ad Campaign Management

4045 Media allows clients (no matter how big or small) to run a mobile ad campaign with no minimum spend commitments. Run as many campaigns as you'd like in accordance with desired flight dates and targeting parameters. 

Use 4045 Media’s platform to target by geolocation, time, age, gender, user demographic data, and/or interests. A/B test your campaigns to measure the effectiveness of different creative designs.

With 4045 Media, you'll have access to over 45,000 premium mobile app and website publishers. Whitelist or blacklist publishers to best meet your campaign needs. 



Our features allow you to geo-target campaigns by country, state, zip code, or GPS coordinates. Use this technology to target your ads hyperlocally within 100 feet of a desired location. 

Creative Design

4045 Media provides end-to-end design services for clients in need of creative resources or consultation. Bring any ad campaign to life as our team helps you build designs across all ad formats. 

Managed Services

All clients receive fully managed services including assistance with campaign delivery, optimizations, education, troubleshooting, and general consultation. Our 24/7 customer service ensures that clients are always supported with comprehensive resources for achieving their advertising objectives.

For each campaign, 4045 Media provides detailed reporting customized to each client's key performance metrics. Clients may opt in to receive automated reporting at regular intervals.